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How to Negotiate a Fair Back Injury Settlement

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How to Increase a Personal Injury Settlement | Bachus & Schanker

When a personal injury accident occurs, compensation for damages is crucial. But insurance companies are notorious for denying and delaying tactics.

A skilled back injury attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement covering all your legal damages.

Medical bills

If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury, you will likely need to spend money on medical treatment and medications. This can include doctor visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments, and more.

You should keep a separate record of these bills with the date and amount charged. This is necessary for your lawyer to use to negotiate a settlement like a back injury settlement Oregon.

In addition to the current bills, your attorney should consider any future costs incurred by your back injury. These may include the cost of surgery, which can be costly if you need multiple procedures.

These damages are referred to as economic or special damages. They are based on concrete figures, such as past and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Lost wages

The first step to negotiating a fair back injury settlement is to gather the facts. Your attorney should request all of the medical records, bills, and other proof you need to prove your claim.

You may also need a doctor’s opinion about the extent of your injuries and whether you should return to work or receive temporary disability benefits. These factors will impact your settlement value.

You will need compensation for your lost wages if you cannot return to work. This can be calculated from your salary, pay stubs, or other financial documents.

In addition, you should be compensated for any future wage loss or diminished earning capacity due to your back injury. This is typically measured by comparing your current and projected earnings based on your life expectancy and retirement age.

Pain and suffering

If you have suffered a back injury in the workplace, knowing how to negotiate a fair back injury settlement is essential. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to help you get the medical treatment and financial benefits that you deserve.

Your settlement amount will be based on the severity of your back injuries and other factors. It will also include any future expenses you anticipate due to the accident.

In addition to medical bills, pain, and suffering damages will also be considered in a back injury claim. This includes mental stress, which can be far more painful than physical pain.

The value of these non-economic damages can make or break a back injury claim.

Property damage

As you can imagine, negotiating for a fair back injury settlement can be difficult. Insurance companies are notorious for stretching out the claims process to keep injured victims from getting the compensation they deserve.

However, there are tactics that you can use to make your case more persuasive to the insurance company. First, you should come into every negotiation with a clear objective.

This means answering every question and completing any form with a clear message about your losses.

Your attorney can also help you prepare for this process by collecting medical records and other evidence.

A complete list of your financial losses will help your attorney determine the best settlement amount. This includes things like medical bills, missed wages, and future costs. It also provides for the value of non-economic damages like pain and suffering.