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What You Need To Do If Your Airbag Light Is Flashing

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Why Is My Airbag Light On/Flashing? - Car Roar

If you see a flashing airbag light, pull over immediately and contact your local dealership.

Pull over and turn off the car.

If your airbag light was flashing, pull over and turn off the car. Don’t try to fix it yourself that’s what mechanics are for! And don’t drive the car either: even if you’re sure that everything is okay, there could still be something wrong with your airbags that could cause them to deploy at any moment.

Contact your dealership.

Call your dealership. If the airbag light is flashing, you’ll want to call the dealership immediately and ask what the next steps are. It’s likely that they’ll want to schedule a service appointment for diagnosis and repair. You should also ask about getting a loaner car in case you’re going to be without your vehicle for an extended period of time.

When you’re talking with your dealership, try to get as much information as possible: do not hold back or ask questions later! You need all available information before making any decision about repairs or whether or not it’s time for a new vehicle.

Restart your car.

If your airbag light is flashing, you need to turn the ignition to on and wait for it to stop. Once it stops, turn off your car again. If this doesn’t help, see what other problems are happening with your car and try searching online for a solution.

Drive to a repair shop right away.

If your airbag light is flashing and you haven’t had your car checked by a qualified mechanic, do not drive it. Your vehicle could be a safety risk, and driving with an airbag light that’s on can cause the airbags to not deploy in an accident which means you’d be more likely to get hurt.

Don’t ignore a flashing airbag light; it could save your life.

If your airbag light is flashing, it’s important to get the issue checked out. The light is a warning that something isn’t right with your airbag system. While there are many reasons why the light may come on, the most common reason is because of a faulty sensor or wiring in your vehicle. Ignoring this signal could be putting you at risk when you drive.