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Why Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney?

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4 Reasons To Hire A DUI Lawyer | Flipping Heck!

The services of a Utah drunk driving attorneys can make a big difference in your case. They can get chemical test results thrown out and provide defenses against the charges. They can also help you avoid penalties like a license suspension, increased auto insurance rates, and jail time. Having a DUI attorney by your side is a good decision for many reasons.

Free consultations

A DUI lawyer can discuss the different defenses available to his or her clients. This may include reviewing the police report, the report from the hospital, or the results from the breath test. He or she will also discuss potential ways to reduce the charges or get them dismissed. A DUI attorney will also discuss how the court system works and what can be done to protect your driving privileges.

Many DUI attorneys offer free consultations to help people facing DUI charges. However, these consultations are not a substitute for legal counsel. The law is complex and ever-changing, and every case has its own facts. Hence, it is imperative that you choose an attorney based on your specific situation. In order to get the best advice, bring along your case documents and a list of questions to ask the DUI attorney.

Identifying liable parties

When hiring a drunk driving attorney, it is crucial to identify liable parties in the accident. For example, a bar or club where the at-fault party was served alcohol could be liable for the accident. It is critical to identify the responsible parties so the drunk driving attorney can prove fault and pursue restitution on the client’s behalf. This will increase the chances of recovering compensation.

The insurance company will often try to deny the claim based on various defenses, including the intoxicated driver’s pre-existing condition or the victim’s own fault for the accident. A drunk driving attorney with experience in handling insurance company defenses knows how to combat these tactics. Fortunately, Indiana has a dram shop law, which holds establishments responsible for injuries caused by intoxicated drivers.

Pre-trial conferences

Pre-trial conferences are held before a criminal trial. At this time, the defense attorney can review the prosecutor’s file and identify weaknesses in the case. They can also negotiate a favorable plea bargain. Pre-trial conferences are often the first contact a defendant has with the justice system. Although the objectives of these conferences are similar in all metropolitan county courts, the methods by which they are conducted differ.

A qualified DUI attorney understands the prosecution’s case and will use the facts to negotiate a plea deal that will minimize the charges. He or she will also be familiar with the judge who will serve as the mediator. A qualified DUI attorney will know the judge’s tendencies and can cater to those tendencies.

Evidentiary hearings

An evidentiary hearing is the next step in the legal process after a DUI arrest. At the hearing, the prosecutor and defense attorney present evidence to support their case. Evidence can come from an array of sources including police officers, expert witnesses, and others who witnessed the alleged drunken driving. The prosecution will question these witnesses and the defense will have an opportunity to cross-examine them.

The prosecutor will explain how they obtained probable cause for the case to the judge. They may call witnesses under oath and present evidence linking the accused to the crime. Defense attorneys rarely call witnesses during evidentiary hearings, as doing so might alert the prosecution to potential defense arguments.

Regaining driving privileges

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you may be wondering how to get your license back. You should consider hiring an attorney, who will help you make your case and help you get the driver’s license you deserve. DUIs are serious charges and the consequences are harsh. If you are arrested, the officer will confiscate your license and this can be a very inconvenient situation. However, there are ways to get your license back quickly.

Firstly, you must prove that you are not a habitual drunk driver. A second DUI conviction will result in a 60-day administrative suspension and three years’ driving privileges. A third offense will result in an indefinite suspension of your license. You must also comply with any outstanding suspensions imposed by the DMV and pass the driver’s license exam.